Let’s play a game that most of you probably know. I’m going to give the first person in the pew a message and then I’ll ask him/her to pass it on. The last person in the line then has to tell the congregation what the message was. Are you ready? Cover your ears tightly while I tell the congregation what the message will be. 

Boys and girls, why do you think it’s important for us to pass on a message properly? Well, sometimes, the message might be an emergency, such as when you call 9-1-1. When the operator answers the phone he or she needs to know the exact details of your emergency so that you can get the exact help that you need. Here’s an example.

One day I had to call 9-1-1 because my mother was very sick. The first operator asked me what the nature of the emergency was. I told her that my mother was very sick, and the operator connected me with an ambulance service operator. He asked me some more questions so that he could pass on information to the paramedics so that they could look after my mother and take her to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital asked me some questions so that she could get the information she needed to take care of my mother. I’m pleased to tell you that because of the information the paramedics and the doctor had, they were able to help my mother get better, and even though she is still in the hospital, she is well on her way to making a complete recovery.

If you had an important message to give to someone, how would you give it to them? Well, you could give it to them in person like we did a few minutes ago, but supposed you wanted to give a message to someone who lived far away? You could call them on the telephone, speak to them over the Internet by email or through Skype, or you could mail them a letter.

Jesus also had an important message to deliver, but when he lived on earth he didn’t have the Internet or telephones or the post office. He had to deliver the message in person, and I’ll tell you about it by reading a passage from Mark’s Gospel  

Boys and girls, Jesus calls on all of us to deliver the same message. Some of us might take it to people in a land far away, and others might take it to a neighbour or friend. I put the message in my sermons and my children’s talks, and in turn they are posted on my blog, which is read by people from all over the world. The important thing to remember though is to carry the message.

Let’s close our eyes for a moment of prayer. Dear God, thank you for the gift of your message. Help us to be faithful messengers so that we can carry your message to people who need to hear it. In Jesus’ name we pray.  


 * “Answering the Call.” Retrieved from www.sermons4kids.com


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