Good morning boys and girls!

What do your parents do when you’re sick?

If you are sick to your stomach or if you have a headache, they probably give you some medicine from the drug store and wait and see if you get better. What would they do if you don’t get better? What would they do if you are so sick they think you might die? They would take you to the doctor.

 Our Bible story today is about a man who did just that. His name was Jairus, and he had a daughter who was very sick. She was so sick that he thought she was going to die and he wanted to do everything he could to help her get well. Jairus heard about the best doctor in the area-a doctor who was healing many people. His name was-and is-Jesus. Jairus ran to meet Jesus, fell down at his feet and begged Jesus to put his hands on her and heal her so she could live. Jesus did not say, “Give her two aspirin and call me in the morning.” He made a house call by walking with Jairus toward his house.

As they got closer to the house, some men came up to Jairus and told him that his daughter was dead, and that there was no need to bother Jesus. Jairus was heartbroken, but Jesus told Jairus not to be afraid, but to believe. When they got to Jairus’ house, there was a crowd of people who were crying. Jesus asked them why they were crying. “The girl is not dead, only asleep.” The people laughed, so Jesus told them to leave. Jesus took Jairus and his wife into the room where the girl was. He took her by the hand and said, “Little girl, get up!” Immediately the girl got up and walked around the room. Her parents were amazed.

Boys and girls, what did you learn from this story? In this story we saw how much Jairus loved his daughter and would do anything for her. God our heavenly father is the same. He loves us so much that he would do anything for us, including sending his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

Something else that we learned was that with God anything is possible. Jairus’ daughter was dead, and the situation was hopeless, but Jesus raised her from the dead because of Jairus’ faith. When we face hopeless situations, we must remember what Jesus said-“Only believe.”

Let’s bow our heads for a moment of prayer. Dear God, thank you for your love. Help us to remember that all things are possible if we only believe and trust in you. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.




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