As we celebrate Trinity Sunday, we focus on the magnificence of creation. Modern technology has given us the means to discover the expanse and wonder of the universe. Thanks to the Hubble telescope and a second generation Hubble that will be sent into an even higher orbit, we see more of the universe. We are amazed at God’s wisdom in creating such a complex universe. When we study creation and combine it with reading the Bible and engaging in loving, merciful and compassionate relationships, we find God.

Are we choosing to fear God, or are we turning from Him? The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We need wisdom from above to live as Christians in our modern world. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit work together as the three members of the Trinity to give us that wisdom. We must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus so that nothing else matters. In other words, we must keep our eyes on the prize.

Chaos threatens to overtake the world, but wisdom makes the world a place where people can live a good life if they follow God’s wisdom. Wisdom travels everywhere in the form of the Holy Spirit because people don’t always pay attention. We are often stubborn and foolish. We turn away no matter how loudly wisdom calls. That’s why God took matters into His own hands. He came to us as Jesus our Saviour. He grew up among us, lived our lives and served everyone He met. He called everyone He met to Him. He carried out the ultimate act of God’s wisdom by dying on the cross for our sins. God is a God of love. He acts for us and among us. He reaches out to us and wants a relationship with us.

When we find God, we find the relationship among all three members of the Trinity. God is self-sufficient. God has been completely satisfied in the interpersonal relationships that have existed among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God’s overflowing goodness led him to create human beings in his own image and likeness. That same goodness led his Son to become human and live his life for others. That same goodness led God to give us our beautiful world to both preserve and develop in perfect harmony. That same goodness led God to destine us for everlasting life with Him in eternity. God, in His infinite Wisdom, has done all of this for us.

The wisdom of God is available to all who will listen to and follow Lady Wisdom’s call. The poetic tribute in the reading from Proverbs communicates that wisdom and all its benefits (the ability to reign or lead, riches, honour and righteousness) are tied to the fear of the Lord. Solomon’s experience of the rewards of wisdom was unparalleled in human history.

Wisdom is linked to the eternal God. He established it even before creation and brought it forth for use in the creation process. These verses from Proverbs form the background of John’s portrait of Christ as the eternal word in John 1:1-3. Wisdom is God’s delight, and God brought forth the world by the power of His delight. His delight drives Him to create. Human life, guided by God’s wisdom in the ways of righteousness, is His special delight.

Wisdom is the attribute of God by which He created all things. The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 1:24 that Jesus Christ is “the wisdom of God.” Paul also wrote in Colossians 1:15-19 that Jesus “is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation…all things have been created through him and for him. He himself is before all things…in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell.” In the passage we heard from Proverbs, Wisdom is personified and, as the pre-Incarnate Christ, is described as being with God through all the mysterious, beautiful and powerful artwork of creation.

In the New Testament, Jesus has assumed the role of Lady Wisdom, but the role of the Holy Spirit is often overlooked. In John 16:12-15, Jesus mentioned that the Holy Spirit will guide and comfort the disciples after He returns to heaven. The Holy Spirit comforts and guides us today.

The Christian worldview begins in God, who disposes all movements without movement of His own, who sees the past, present and future ages of creation equally, for whom nothing is past, nothing remains to come, but all things are present. Nothing that is good offends Him, nothing that is evil gives Him pleasure, by whom nothing was created by nature evil which in itself in only the corruption of good. God exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each equally God, but each having its unique role to play in realizing the economy of glory and blessing that God is unfolding in the world.

Wisdom was present at creation, because Wisdom is part of all three members of the Trinity, who were also present at creation. All three members of the Trinity are eternal and uncreated. Wisdom was a witness to creation. Wisdom was a part of creation. Wisdom was identified with the Holy Spirit at creation. Wisdom’s origin is divine because creation comes from God. Wisdom ties all three members of the Trinity together and enables us to know and understand the Trinity.

This passage from Proverbs has contributed to the expression of Christian faith, of which the Trinity is a key part. One of the themes is the superiority of Christ over all claimants to equality or intimacy with God. The early Christians knew from His claims, miracles, teachings and presence that Jesus was the eternal God. Wisdom’s preexistence, participation in the creation, life-giving power and call to exclusive allegiance provided the vocabulary for the exultation and adoration of all three members of the Trinity.

All three members of the Trinity are present at every stage in world history. They have existed from eternity. They are equal. God sent the Son, the Word, who became one with us in His birth. God and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. We are spiritually connected to the Trinity because the Holy Spirt makes us members of the Body of Christ.

Wisdom is described as a lady who provides gentle and loving direction and help in life’s moments. Since all three members of the Trinity also provide gentle and loving direction and help, all three members of the Trinity are part of Wisdom.

Since ancient times spiritual writers have understood the source of dignity, worth and wisdom. It is God. We find the same things in the Trinity. The unity of all three members of the Trinity can’t be explained by human wisdom or logic. That is why the concept of the Trinity is difficult to understand and explain. The Trinity has to be believed in the heart. It is the ultimate expression of love-the love shown by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


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