How do we know that Jesus is the only way to God?

That’s a question many people are asking these days. They say that Jesus was a good man, a religious figure or a revolutionary, but the only way to God? It’s not surprising that people have this idea, especially when you consider our modern society. There is a turning away from God, and that is represented by a decline in church attendance. We also have to consider the fact that there are passionate Muslims, Jews and Hindus who are fervent in their faith and beliefs.

The best way to answer the question is to see what Jesus said about Himself. In John 5:24, Jesus claimed powers that only God could claim. He raised the dead, healed on the Sabbath, judged sins and forgave sins. As a human, Jesus could do nothing separately from the Father. When Jesus acted, God acted. Both Jesus and God are almighty, all-seeing, all-knowing, infinite and perfect. In other words, Jesus and God are one. This means:

  1. God wants us to honour Jesus. People who refuse to honour Him disobey the Father.
  2. Jesus and God are equal. People who deny one also deny the other.
  3. The same feeling that leads us to honour God will also lead us to honour Jesus.
  4. The evidence of the existence of Jesus is the same as that of the Father. They have the same goodness, omnipresence, truth and power.
  5. Those who do not offer proper homage to Jesus do not worship the true God. 
  6. There is only one true God. People who claim that there are other gods worship false gods.
  7. People who do not offer proper homage to Jesus are not true Christians.
  8. One evidence of piety is when we are willing to render proper praise and homage to Jesus. This means loving Him, serving Him and obeying Him with all our hearts.

Jesus has the power to raise the dead if it is His will. That’s why He was able to raise Lazarus from the dead. That’s why He was able to raise the widow’s son from the dead. It is Jesus’ will whether sinners will live. He has the power to renew them. He can see our hearts and motives.

When lives are at stake, nothing is spared. That’s why firemen rush into burning buildings to rescue trapped people. Human lives are priceless. That’s how God sees us. He saw that we could not gain eternal life by ourselves, so He sent Jesus to provide it for us through His death on the cross and resurrection. God provided for us at a high cost-the death of His Son.

Many of you have children who imitated you when they were young. They did exactly what they saw you do. In the same way, Jesus did on earth what God did. He reached out to the lost, helped the needy and healed the sick. We are called to do the same. We are called to follow Jesus’ example and do what He did. As we continue growing to be more like Jesus, we will love like He loves, forgive like He forgives, care like He cares and live in ways that please Him.


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