Hello boys and girls!

How many of your have ever gone fishing? What do you have to take with you when you go fishing? Suppose you forgot to take one of these things with you? Would you be able to catch any fish? Everything you need to go fishing works together to help you catch fish.

Jesus wants to take us fishing, but we’re going to catch something other than fish. When we go fishing with Jesus, we fish for people. Jesus wants us to tell others about what he has done for us and what he wants to do for them.

When we go fishing with Jesus, the job is much easier when we work with other people and when we have all of the equipment we need. Sometimes that’s not easy to do, because sometimes we can’t get along with other people. For example, have any of you ever had arguments with your brothers and sisters? Well, sometimes Christians fight with each other. The apostle Paul tells us that we have to work together and be united in our faith in Christ. When we work together to fish for people, we can do great things.

Let us pray. Dear God, thank you for helping us to fish for people. Help us to work together to tell people about you and lead other people to faith in you. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN.

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